Earth Day


Honoring the Earth and All that is Therein by Bringing Wild Horse Annie’s Dream to Fruition

ISPMB is so proud to announce Phase 1, the purchase of property for the development of the International Wild Horse and Burro Heritage Center, a dream of our first president, Velma Johnston, affectionately known as Wild Horse Annie.

Expanding on Annie’s dream, current president Karen Sussman envisions this place – known as the CENTER – as a much-needed healing CENTER for the earth, our Mother, and all that there is therein.  A place where our rare and endangered Gila Herd will roam over a large tract of prairie grasses and rolling hills, dotted throughout with streams.  A place where visitors will come to share their time in nature interacting with wild horses. A place where healing the soul of this nation begins. A place where wild horses become our teachers of how-to live-in harmony with each other.  A place where ISPMB can educate millions of tourists on how wild horse families, when allowed to live in freedom from disruptions of roundups, actually self-limit their growth. A place where truth shines. A place where the soul is transformed by the peace and beauty of Nature. A place where we all work together for the GOOD of the entire universe.

We are asking that each and every one become part of this beautiful CENTER through its creation and development.  This eco-tourism center will be like none else and its destination will be sought after for the peace that it brings to one’s soul by living amongst these unique and rare Gila horses whose behaviors demonstrate how they work together for the good of their entire herd.

ISPMB has set up a special fund to purchase property.  We are already prepared with all of the needed expertise to guide us in the CENTER’s creation.

  • On this 53rd year of Earth Day, may we all contribute to not only the preservation of wild horses and burros but to the protection of our mother, Earth.

    In 1971 Annie and ISPMB were instrumental in stopping the slaughter of America’s wild horses and burros with the passage of the Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act.   We are on the verge of TRANSFORMING how wild horses are managed in our country this year and now we must TRANSFORM how we care for this great land. 

    Help us make Annie’s dream complete. WE NEED YOU to share in this vision of saving our wild horses and our earth.  Please donate.

ISPMB is a 501 (c) 3 not-for profit organization. All donations are tax-deductible

$ 1,000,000
Have your very own Casita at the CENTER and visit anytime.

The CENTER’s Interpretive Building will be named in your honor.

Visit the CENTER anytime and stay at one of our cabins at no charge as our guest.                                       
Your name will be displayed on a floor of your choosing, such as our digital library floor, legal floor, museum, and more. 

Visit the CENTER anytime as our guest.                                                                                                          Enjoy seeing a street sign named after you.

Visit the CENTER anytime at no charge.                                                                                                         Enjoy seeing your name on one of the cornerstones of our buildings.

Visit the CENTER anytime at no charge.                                                                                                
See your name inscribed in the cobblestone walkway to our Interpretive Center.


You will have naming rights to one Gila foal yearly for ten years.


You will have one of several flower gardens named after you.


Gift an acre of land and keeps our horses running free.    
Your name will be inscribed on a brick on our donor wall as a founding member of the CENTER.


Your photograph and name will be displayed at our Interpretive Center as a donor.


You will have a personal all-day tour learning about our Gila Herd guided by President, Karen Sussman.


You will receive a personal one-hour tour of our Gila Herd.


Your Gila horses will be ever grateful to you for your donation.

Any Amount $

Will be greatly appreciated by all of us here at ISPMB.

Thank you for your generosity!

ISPMB is a 501 (c) 3 not-for profit organization. All donations are tax-deductible.


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