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The International Society for the Protection of Mustangs an Burros (ISPMB), the oldest wild horse and burro organization in the United States, manages rare and endangered wild horses for future generations to enjoy.

How can you keep them running free-

Committed to saving the last of America’s wild horses, ISPMB has created a sponsorship program whereby individuals or corporations can take pride in assisting with ISPMB’s conservation goals.

Sponsorship of a wild horse or a wild band keeps these wild horses running free and allows for other endangered herds to be preserved. 

Creating a model for wild horse management-

ISPMB has been innovative in the field of wild horse and burro protection and was responsible for the passage of federal legislation to protect wild horses and burros in 1971 under the leadership of our 1st president, Velma Johnston. ISPMB led the way in creating the first ever wild horse adoption program in 1968, which led to the creation of the federal Adopt-A-Horse/Burro program operated by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM). In 1971 there were 303 wild herds recognized in ten western states and to be protected under the Act. Today, more than 100 herds have been eliminated by the BLM leading to ISPMB’s decision to begin rescuing entire herds. Constant monitoring of social structures and herd dynamics of ISPMB’s horses continues to give the organization valuable information that will produce an ideal management philosophy based on its intense on the ground observations of wild horse behaviors. 

Feel good about knowing that sponsoring one of our rare Spanish Gila horses or a family helps us to keep them in Conservation and continue our behavioral studies on this magnificent herd.  This herd has given us a wealth of information.  With this information, we can change how wild horses should be managed in our country!

From all of us here at ISPMB, we thank you!

Sponsor Levels- 
Sponsor a horse $150.00
Sponsor a mare & foal $500.00
Sponsor a band $1,000.00
Sponsor the herd $5,000.00

Sponsor Sierra-

Cute as a button, Sierra is a bay dun with dark legs, mane, and tail.


Sponsor Solana-

Solana is a Dun color and able to produce black offspring.


Sponsor Emma-

Emma is a beautiful Grulla color and was born on May 8th, 2018.  It is a joy to watch her grow.



Sponsor Grulla Girl-

Grulla Girl is our eldest mare and of course the wisest of them all.  She was born in 2002.


Sponsor Bravo-

Bravo means brave in Spanish.  He is our daring stallion.


Sponsor Valentino-

He truly lives by his name and has one of the largest bands


WhitefaceSponsor Whiteface-

Whiteface carries the trademark primitive markings of a dun including the dorsal stripe and leg bars.


HidalgoSponsor Hidalgo-

Hidalgo is the son of Sultan and is named after the movie Hidalgo.

Sponsor Hidalgo

mare & foal-
Lucita & Lucero

Lucita is the daughter of Solana. Born in 2016, Lucero is her second foal.


mare & foal-
Vinteo & Fuego

This is Vinteo (Spanish for wind) and her first colt, Fuego (fire). This is Vinteo’s first foal and she is a great mother.


Sponsor Valentino’s Band-

Valentino looks after four mares and all of their offspring totaling 9.


Sponsor Whiteface’s Band-

Whiteface is a young stallion born in 2018 but he is mighty. He is the most dominant band stallion.


Sponsor the Gila Herd-

This herd is pure Spanish and is one of the rarest herds identified.  Their ancestors date back to the 1600s and were part of Father Kino’s horses that were brought from Spain.

Sponsor the Gila Herd

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