Valentine’s Day reminds us of the greatest act of love we can manifest by the gift of giving.   Our beautiful Gila horses would love to be your Valentine this year. 

These magnificent animals reflect the spirit of connectedness, kindness, love, playfulness, and protectiveness not just within their bands but within the herd as a whole.  Their society reminds us just how the world can be. 

            What I see:

  • Mares loving and nurturing their foals
  • Mares teaching their off spring respect, love and family rules
  • Stallions protecting their families and respecting other families
  • Stallions teaching youngsters
  • Trust and bonds that are inseparable
  • All horses working together for the good of the entire herd – a unique characteristic of the Gila herd.

Walking amongst this wild herd is exhilarating.  It is an amazing feeling to experience these bonds and feel totally safe within the herd.  When the pandemic lifts, we hope you can walk with this herd for a thrill of a lifetime.

Please  help our conservation efforts through sponsorship by becoming their valentine or giving a gift of a valentine to your “someone special.” 

Our Gila herd and their ancestors have existed in our country now for nearly 400 years.  They need our support more than ever.

All orders should be placed by February  9th to arrive on time.  Although, any donation is accepted anytime

Sponsor Levels-

Sponsor a horse $150.00 Valentines special $75.00
Sponsor a band $1,000.00 Valentines special $500.00
Sponsor the Gila Herd $5,000.00 Valentines special $2,500.00

Be sure to include your note to your special Valentine in PayPal.

Valentine Sponsor Certificate

Sponsor Solana-

Solana is a Dun color and able to produce black offspring.

NavarroSponsor Navarro-

Navarro is a sweet black dun (grullo).

Sponsor Navarro

SierraSponsor Sierra-

Cute as a button, Sierra is a bay dun with dark legs, mane, and tail.

Sponsor Sierra

JulianaSponsor Juliana-

Juliana is the only daughter of Angelica, our oldest mare.

Sponsor Juliana


SweetnessSponsor Sweetness

Sweetness is a lovely bay mare from the Virginia Range herd.

Sponsor Sweetness

SanchoSponsor Sancho-

Cute little Sancho the son of Sultans Girl.

Sponsor Sancho

Sponsor Valentina-

Valentina is a great mother. She is pictured here with her foal.

Sponsor Valentina

WhitefaceSponsor Whiteface-

Whiteface carries the trademark primitive markings of a dun including the dorsal stripe and leg bars.

BenitoSponsor Benito-

This adorable colt, born in 2018, is a son of Sultan’s Girl.

HidalgoSponsor Hidalgo-

Hidalgo is the son of Sultan and is named after the movie Hidalgo.

Sponsor Hidalgo

ComancheSponsor Comanche-

Comanche is a stunning pinto from the Catnip (Sheldon) herd.

Sponsor Comanche

Hidalgo's BandSponsor Hidalgo’s Band-

Sponsor Hidalgo's Band

Rico's BandSponsor Rico’s Band-

Sponsor Rico's Band

Sponsor the Gila Herd-

Sponsor the Gila Herd


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