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breaking news May 2017


For years now, the opposition has managed to erode one the most important environmental laws written for public lands.  The insertion was never debated on the floors of Congress, just as it was not in 2005.
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gila herdPlease Help Us End The Genocide of America's Wild Horses
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While wild horses are being torn from their families and their homes on OUR public lands, there is a bigger picture that must be understood if we want to save the true nature of America's wild horses. Your support is vital to our continuing efforts in saving America's wild horses.

Oct 2015



Only a few days remain until 100 plus wild horses will be rounded up and sold by the Forest Service.  These horses make their home along the Salt River in the Tonto National Forest near Mesa, AZ.  The horses are one of the main attractions that bring tourists from around the country and locals who love viewing them as they tube down the river.

Aug 2015


Michael BlakeFairwell to our beloved Vice-President, Michael Blake


The Council Circle of ISPMB announces the passing of our beloved Vice-President, Michael Blake, on May 2, 2015 at his home in Tucson where he resided with his wife, Marianne Mortensen Blake, and their three children, Quanah, Monahsetah and Lozen.

May 2015



The debate about the use of birth control on wild horses and burros is coming to the forefront.
The question looms why should current population numbers be suppressed with birth control when there are only half the number present now than in 1971 when they were first protected.

February 2015

Wipe out on Sheldon National Wildlife Refuge

After years of threatening to eliminate all the wild horses on the Sheldon National Wildlife Refuge, operated by the US Fish and Wildlife Service, the range will see the last of its 120, give or take, wild horses left on the range next week. 

October 2014

This bill spells DOOM for wild horses

On July 10th, 2014, Representative, Chris Stewart (UT-R), introduced a bill to the Committee on Natural Resources which could ultimately spell doom for America’s Wild Horses and Burros.


August 2014

Your ISPMB horses need your help NOW!

Your horses are contributing a massive amount of critical data that is being compiled as we speak.  This data will help all wild horses on public lands as it lays out a model for managing our public lands wild horses.

August 2014



Diné Hataalii Association and Nohooka Diné, traditional cultural leaders, passed a joint resolution on June 14, 2014, advising the Navajo Nation to adhere to Diné spiritual traditions and culture to insure the humane treatment of horses and complete halt to NN horse round-up.

June 2014



Letter to the Secretary of the Interior, Sally Jewell


After completing 15 years of observation and study of ISPMB's four wild horse herds, Karen Sussman, ISPMB's president, has written to Interior Secretary Jewell with preliminary data showing that ISPMB's White Sands herd has not doubled until its 14th year while the Gila herd has grown at an average rate of 10% compared to BLM's average of 20%.

May 2014



ISPMB Behavioral Studies

ISPMB Moves Forward With It's Behavioral Studies


With only half the number of wild horses/burros left on public lands since 1971 when ISPMB and our beloved first president, Wild Horse Annie, were successful in getting the landmark legislation passed protecting wild horses and burros on public lands, it will be again up to ISPMB to stop the massive removals of America's wild horses.  This year will complete 15 years of studies which will provide enough evidence to show that BLM's management is the cause of increase in horse numbers as Secretary Jewell reiterated in a recent speech – a 20% fertility rate.  Helicopter roundups must end.

January 2014



South Dakota Storm 2013

Cattlemen's Fund to Aid SD Ranchers Crests $5 Million


Deadline for applications for assistance for funding from South Dakota's "storm of the century," Atlas, was the last day of December.  While ISPMB does not qualify for funding, area ranchers will be bailed out by concerned citizens through the Rancher's Relief Fund.


January 2014


American Horses Win- 2014 Hailed a Great Year

American Horses Win! - 2014 Hailed a Great Year. -ACT NOW!


On Friday, January 17th, President Obama signed the omnibus spending bill which contains a provision which prevents USDA from spending any money to inspect horse-slaughter plants ending horse slaughter in the United States until September   If the budget is not passed at the end of this year, a continuing resolution will take place keeping defunding of inspectors intact.

January 2014



National Academy of Science Report Finalized for BLM


A 451 page report was issued by the National Research Council for the National Academy of Science by a committee of experts that addressed specific tasks requested by the Bureau of Land Management.  This report was peer-reviewed and signed off by the Committee members and the National Academies. The following findings of the report, we believe, will benefit the management of wild horses and burros.

June 2013



A Heart Warming Story

A Heart Warming Story to Raise Your Spirits

Santiago returns to his herd


The "will to live" of a wild horse is one of the most extraordinary qualities of the "wild."  We don't always see this trait in domestic horses but it is in nearly every wild horse I have ever met.  At all costs, wild horses will survive.

June 2013



Amazing Wild Horse Behavior

Amazing Wild Horse Behavior - Saving the Black Stallion


ISPMB would like to share with you the extraordinary behaviors we observe in our wild horse herds.  This information is intended to show the true spirit and magnificence of these wild animals which are fast disappearing from our American landscapes.  Your donations will help our work.


June 2013



Inhumane BLM Round Ups Must Stop

Inhumane BLM Round Ups Must Stop!


For years the BLM has been rounding up herds using helicopters and an irresponsible method of gathering the herd which disrupts herd structures. ISPMB has 12 years of study on herd structures which ultimately could help the BLM make better decisions as to how roundups should occur. We need to keep the herds together for further study.


2008 Sand Wash Round Up-and still going on!












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