• Establishment of the International Wild Horse & Burro Heritage Center to expand our work in environmental ecology and continue as a leader in the field of wild horse and burro protection and preservation.
  • Foster education programs that advance the knowledge of all components of ecosystem management, wild horse and burro behavior, biological needs, impact derived from the range ecosystem, and transformation from range habitat to domestic care.
  • Provide educational opportunities for university students through cooperative university extension courses.
  • Develop experiential programs for children from around the world.
  • Provide a controlled scientific environment to enhance ecological studies.
  • Become a central repository of information about wild horses and burros, range management, and environmental concerns.
  • Construct innovative environmental architectural buildings on site to serve as a model for futuristic development.
  • Enhance global communication and distribution of information and database.
  • Ensure enforcement and prevent erosion of existing laws and assist in the development of new laws for the protection and preservation of wild horses and burros and their habitat.
  • Encourage and implement educational programs which increase appreciation, understanding and preservation of wild horses, burros and their habitat.
  • Foster cooperative efforts with government agencies and other organizations in attaining quality programs relating to wild horses and burros and their habitat.


  • The International Society for the Protection of Mustang and Burros is an effective international leader in our field because we have earned the respect and credibility of the many diverse participants in the Wild Horse and Burro program. Our approach to problem solving is unique amongst organizations. Rather than capitalizing on fear as a motivator to produce change or create funding, we believe that fear must be dispelled to affect positive changes accepted by all. Our main thrust is one of education and of becoming a model, a way of “being” on this planet we call Mother Earth. One can make no greater impression than to lead by example. ISPMB honors the wild horse and burro and realizes the interdependence of all living things in this universe.


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