Many companies provide their employees with a safe, easy way to help the charities of their choice through automatic payroll deductions. There are many benefits to both the donor and the charity to this type of gift. For the donor, there is no need to remember to write regular checks and no need to provide a credit card number to the organization. For the ISPMB, payroll-based donations provide the type of regular, reliable support that is so vital to the long-term care of our precious wild horses. When we make a commitment to a horse it is for life, and this valuable form of donation from you allows us to make the true commitment that our wild horses need.


Donating through work is easy! You can sign up to donate to the ISPMB through your company giving program by taking the following simple steps. It begins with a call to your human resources department to ask how to tap into your company’s giving program. Following are the typical ways in which companies facilitate their corporate
giving programs:


(1) If you are a government employee: you can contribute to the ISPMB through a payroll deduction through a program called the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC).


(2) If you are a state or local government employee: you may be able to provide a regular gift through a program called Independent Charities of America (ICA). Please contact ISPMB to get our Identification Number for your particular state.


(3) If your employer has a United Way giving program (your HR department will know this): many employers have a United Way giving program that will allow you to donate to a charity of your choosing. When filling out the forms provided by your employer, be sure to refer to the ISPMB by its full name (the International Society for the Protection of Mustangs and Burros).


(4) If your employer has a payroll giving program (your HR department will know this): check to see if the ISPMB is listed in your company’s payroll giving program. If you don’t see us listed by our full name, please talk with your human resources department about adding us to the list. We are always happy to talk with your human resources department to answer any questions they may have.


Your employer should have whatever forms are applicable to you.
Please feel free to reach us at any time for assistance or questions
at (605) 964-6866, or



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