This page is dedicated to all children in our country and throughout the world who want to learn more about Annie nd her valiant efforts in hope that they will be empowered in the belief that they too can change the world and make it a better place for all living things.

All American's owe the survival of wild horses and burros on the North American plains to this magnificent woman who dedicated her life to end their inhumane treatment and slaughter.

With nearly three decades of hard work and dedication, Wild Horse Annie's dream was realized, that future generations would have the pleasure of seeing wild horses galloping across the plains with manes and tails flying in the wind, nostrils flared, and eyes reflecting their wild spirit, their freedom.

Wild Horse Annie rose up against tremendous odds to achieve one of the greatest accomplishments in American history, the ideology that one person can change the world! She brought much needed attention to our country that our public lands are not just for the vested interest groups but that they belong to all the people of the United States. From her early efforts, spawned other legislation that resulted in furthering the protection of public lands such as NEPA. (National Environmental Protection Act.)

Annie's Achievements in Legislation

  • 1952 – Annie organized the ban of using aircraft to capture horses in Storey County where she resided
  • 1955 – A bill, similar to Storey County, was passed in the Nevada legislature that banned aircraft from capturing wild horses except on public lands which constituted 86% of Nevada's lands.

  • 1959 – The first federal law was passed which prohibited the use of motorized vehicles in the capture of wild horses and prohibited the pollution of water holes for the purposes of trapping horses. [Known as the Wild Horse Annie Law (PL86-234)

  • 1971 – Federal legislation that protected wild horses and burros from capture, branding, harassment or death on public lands. [The Wild Free-Roaming Horse and Burro Act (PL92-195)

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    Read more about Velma Johnston in the book "Wild Horse Annie and the Last of the Mustangs". All proceeds benefit ISPMB, Velma's original organization if purchased through ISPMB.


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